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Custom dashboard for users based on their groups

Question asked by sloby on Apr 30, 2013
Hi there!

I have to develop a site that is using Alfresco Enterprise 4.1.X

The first iteration would consist the following:

We have 2 groups, Initiator and Client.
Initiator: Upon logging in, Initiator should only see his started workflows or could start a new workflow
Client: Client could only see his allocated workflows and act upon them (so he could not start a new one)

There are NO sites associated to this customization now.

The question is: how can i customize a whole new dashboard with only the above functionalities. My problem is that there are 3253462346 tutorials up there but a lot of them is for older versions, involving sites or I don't understand them. I'm fairly new to alfresco, I only did a developer preparation seminar which involved only doing slight modifications on forms, webscripts, workflows, etc..

My current approach is to copy dashboard.ftl's content to new file (home-page.ftl) and use it. The problem is that the grid variables are missing for the template file
freemarker.template.TemplateException: Error executing macro: grid
required parameter: class is not specified.

I see that the original one has a dashboard.js next to it, but copying it next to mine doesn't make any difference, nor does importing the js file explicitly in the template header.

I also tried extending the config file with xml files but it seems more work that way, also I was fairly unsuccessful using evaluators, group evaluators are from version 4.2 and I need those. Also, I'd have to remove almost all components and leave just the few which I mentioned above. In short, no success that way either.
Tried modifying presets by doing a "Create new pages in alfresco" tutorial but they are connected to sites somehow as far as I know and I don't need that.

<li>Separate display for users based on their groups</li>
<li>Minimalistic approach now, fancy stuffs can wait</li>

<li>How to configure alfresco so it uses my custom dashboard template?</li>
<li>How to add the mentioned components to my template?</li>

Could please someone help me, I'm getting really frustrated with this seemingly simple task..