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Possible BUG auditing content in Share 4.2.d

Question asked by agg on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2013 by parzgnat
Hi everybody!,

I have found a 'problem' when I'm tried to audit how many users had read a document in my Share installation (version community 4.2.d).

When a user is in the document library and 'click' to one document, the system opens the document details view (with the document preview on the left and the document properties on the right)… pitifully it seems that the audit subsystem doesn't catch that action as a READ action, and nothing is stored in the audit information.

It seems that the audit subsystem only 'catch' the READ action when a user download the document or uses the action 'see in browser'…

But most of the users of my customer installation will read the document in the details view and I don't know how to 'capture' that action to account the 'true' times when a document has been readed.

Here goes my configuration details:

# Enable audit in general

# Enable the alfresco-access audit application

# Enable the auditing of sub-actions. Normally disabled as these values are
# not normally needed by audit configurations, but may be useful to
# developers



As you can see, I'm trying to do that with cm:content and my custom content abk:docacme, (using the audit.filter.alfresco-access.transaction.type), but I've the same problem with the documents based on cm:content and the documents based on abk:docamce custom type.

To see the audit details I'm using the Audit-Dashlet (Share Audit Dashlet project in share extensions), mentioned in and I must say that I went to Alfresco explorer to see the audit data of the document using the show_audit.ftl and also had no results.

I don't know if it is a BUG or I'm doing something wrong with my configuration!

I need your help! please!