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migration problem

Question asked by trel0d0c on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by colindstephenson
Hello everyone, i've faced a problem today at work. we have an alfresco 4.0d running on a windows server and the database that was connected with was on a second linux server. we set up a new seperate ubuntu server and install on it the bitnami-alfresco 4.2e. Based on the alfresco documentation for migration i took the root.dir from the first server and place it on the new one. i opened the file and change the path for the new root.dir folder. Inside this file in the section where we declare the database connection properties, i let it as it was because it would take the same database as the old server from the database server.
like this:
after that the database on the database server was upgrated to the new version and we cannot connect to the old alfresco server.
I don't know how that happened an i try to find a solution.
Can anyone help?