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Inbound Email Configuration

Question asked by luizaranha on Nov 2, 2013
Hello together,

I need some help @ inbound Email configuration.

I followed the guide of JeffPotts für outbound Email–>Works fine.

I also followed the guide of inbound Emails–> Works not.

I do the same things as Jeff Potts in his video…

But things at me are a little bit different:
1.) I use WIn 7 Home Edition
2.)I Use a fritzbox as router and registerd at für dyndns….

My Actions till now:

1.I edited alfresco global properties with:

# Email Server properties
1.1 I edited a rule in the windows firewall for inbound connections to allow Port 25 to communicate. I edited a rule in my fritzbox to allow the communication over Port 25.
2.Furthermore I created the folder Drop Off with alias "dropoff"
3. I added the user with to the email contributers list.
4. The User has Manager rights.
5.) I sent an Email from to
6.) In gmx, the Email was located in the sent folder (this means no errors
7.) IN the folder DropOff I do not see the Email…What is wrong?

Although, there are many posts about inbound Emails, I would really appreciated to give me some hints to solve that problem.