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Looking for a contract lifecycle solution around Alfresco

Question asked by oliviera on May 3, 2013
Bata group is a shoemaker present is 40 different country. Bata Brands is a Lausanne, Switzerland based company responsible to manage Bata's Trademarks.

We are currently using Alfresco Community 4.0d for managing an centralizing country companies invoices. Today we need to manage the trademark document lifecycle (think ACTIVITI workflows for work-in-progress documents, and alerts during the life of the documents). Alfresco Community 4.2 will be the platform.

We are looking for a partner (freelance or company) who can help us achieving this goal.

Main part of the contract life cycle:
1 - start: writing of the document, sharing among a group, peer review, until final document
2 - life: sending alerts depending of contract criterias (example: alerts 6 month before end of contract)
3 - end of life / amendment: end of workflow or creation of a new contract (amendment), Goto 1

Contact me at :
Olivier Anh: / +41 21 613 80 57

or my manager
Oussama Rabi: / +41 21 613 80 52

Note: I'll be away from 6 to 17 May. You can still contact M. Rabi in between.