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Inviting Network Users and Groups

Question asked by mforcer on Nov 6, 2013
As previously mentioned in another topic, I was originally advised by an Alfresco Cloud sales rep to create a different site for each client presumably so that external users can be invited to each individual site. I now have over 140 sites and growing.

My biggest usability issue at the moment (ignoring bugs) is that I want all my internal staff to have Collaborator access for each site but I currently need to manually change their access level after they have joined each site.

There is no way to change the access privileges for internal Network users en mass and there is no way to group users so that a group can be given access when the site is set up.

It seems as if the Alfresco Cloud developers expect to have a on-premises installation to sync with and only a limited number of users will access through cloud only.

This is my biggest issue in terms of usability for a team and makes the system impractical to scale past a few sites and a few users. Why is it that "consumer grade" systems like can make adding users relatively easy?