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AlfrescoSync and Alfresco 4.2c strange working

Question asked by milics on May 6, 2013
I have bitnami alfresco 4.2c and alfrescosync
I have this problem using XP pro SP3:

Everything seems to be OK, but certain files are not synchronized when I edit them in the alfresco local directory.(in XP)

For example:
Word 2007 .docx is OK, I open the file, make some changes and when I close it alfrescosync commits the change to alfresco server
Notepad: The first time is ok, then when I change the file, never synchronize with alfresco again
Excel 2007  .xlsx: same as notepad: first time ok, then never synchronize again with alfresco.

BTW, JRE is the last version

Thanks in advance for any idea