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Problems with reusing a dashlet webscript for a new dashlet

Question asked by sayal on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by sayal

i want to create a dashlet which lists me every workflow i have started similar to the "Workflows I've Started" Page. I want the dashlet to look like the "My tasks" dashlet. My approach is to reuse the existing my-tasks dashlet and customizing it in a way that it lists workflows instead of tasks.

Now i have problems with understanding how the my-tasks dashlet works and i think that it is crucial to understand it in oder to reuse it and make it work in a similar way with workflows. The things i do not understand:

How is the dashlet populated with data when it is displayed the first time, i mean without using the filter-menu? Is there some kind of initial filter?

In my-tasks.get.config.xml it says that the task-instance webscript is used for filtering. But where in the my-tasks webscript is defined, that the task-instance webscript is used? For me it seems magic :).

And finally what do i have to do make the model use workflow instances data instead of tasks instances data?

Of course i do not expect a step by step tutorial for my approach. I have the feeling that i am missing something or that i do not understand how the share webscripts interact with data webscripts and how they are populated with data from the repository. I would appreciate explanations for a better understanding and some hints for further steps with this approach.

Thanks in advance!