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Integrate Alfresco PHP code in existing community website

Question asked by abhishek.maheshwari on Nov 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by mrogers

I am a web developer and work in PHP domain. I am working on a social networking/community website. We want to integrate Alfresco open source in this website. I went through at the alfresco website and with all docs but not getting what steps I should follow for integrating alfresco document management system in my website. I have downloaded an exe file as this site suggested (522 MB) and after installation, it created a system and opens a localhost url on browser. Same look and feel, I can see at

I have also downloaded the PHP-SDK from but not sure how could I use it ? I also noticed that Alfresco site says that Its unsupported for PHP, as per the link . I am not getting what they way to say here.

What is the use of API of Alfresco ? I mean Where can I create/get the API ?

I am confused that how could I integrate Alfresco in existing community live website ? as alfresco says that Its an open source then How can I use it please ?

Please anyone can clarify this step by step or can share some exact link. Many thanks in advance.