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Performance Issues

Question asked by zmsil on May 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by marcus.svensson

I have recently exported a lot of documents(more than 15000 from Ephesoft into a space in Alfresco where rules will run to execute a script to move those documents into my RM site based on their metadata(e.g creating folders in the RM based on the author and in that a folder based on the title and the moving documents there) . All that is kinda working but then it seems like at a certain point, the rule stops running and share cant load all the folders created. At first i though it was running in the background but after a while the record still did not move. I think it's a memory or indexing issue. When i fully reindex, i can see more folders but still not all.

I also suspected that maybe too much memory was being used between the import of the documents all at once and the running of the rules so i increaed my JVM memory pool to initial size 2048 and max size 6144 and though performance is better, its still not optimum. also increased a few cache sizes in the cache-context.xml file but still no success.

How can i optimize alfresco to be able to import more than 15000 files and run rules into the records management site on them and after that load easily.