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ClassNotFoundException: org.alfresco.web.evaluator.BaseEvaluator

Question asked by on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by afaust

I'm experiencing a strange problem. I've created a custom evaluator and deployed the jar to <TOMCAT_HOME>/shared/lib. However, I got ClassNotFoundException:org.alfresco.web.evaluator.BaseEvaluator when I started Alfresco. I removed extension of BasedEvaluator from the custom evaluator and deployed again, I got ClassNotFoundException: org.json.simple.JSONObject.

However it works fine when I deploy the jar to <TOMCAT_HOME>webapps/share/WEB_INF/lib. It seems shared/lib/*.jar gets initialized before loading all other jars.

I tried enterprise 4.0.2 and enterprise 4.1.3. Both produced the same error.

Does anyone know why? Is this a bug?

Many thanks