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Improving Alfresco, JLAN SMB performance

Question asked by zoe on May 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by sgaric
Hi guys,

We're looking to modify/extend Alfresco ECM's and JLAN's implementation of the SMB protocol to improve performance. 

First question: We've searched through the JLAN documentation, source code and this forum but cannot find anywhere what version of SMB JLAN implements.  What version of SMB does Alfresco JLAN implement? SMB2, SMB 2.1, or (doubtful) SMB 2.2/3.0?

Second question: Our initial approach is modify JLAN so that it is compatible with SMB 3.0 as according to documentation about SMB 3.0 it should have noticeable improved performance.  At the same time we plan to look into how the Alfresco CMS code interfaces with JLAN and then try to increase performance there as well.  Do any of the Alfresco developers have any tips or advice for us regarding this?  Any other ideas of where/what to look into to get as good of performance as possible out of using SMB to interface with Alfresco?