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DataList createAssociation with node

Question asked by tomoconnell on Nov 11, 2013
I'm trying to get a advanced task data list to populate its tasks and properties from files in a certain folder.

This is working fine for things like text field, and I managed to get it to create an association to a user

for each(var node in nodes) {
      if (node.isContainer) {
      else {

                      var associationAssignee =["someCo:usernameField"];
                      contract.createAssociation(people.getPerson(associationAssignee), "dl:taskAssignee");

But I also want an association to the file/node that contains these properties.      

   var associationNode = node;
   contract.createAssociation(associcationNode), "dl:attachments");   

No luck so far, anyone know how to get this working?