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Installation Alfresco 4.1.4 in Windows - LOGS?

Question asked by dmralfing on May 11, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2013 by wgonzalez
I´m trying to install Alfresco Enterprise 4.1.4 in my Windows for some simple tests. It´s the typical stantard installation that includes the tomcat and the database - the postgree in this case -.
   At first, I want to know what happen with the logs. The trace lines that I see in the Ms Dos Console, it doesn´t appear in any of the log files: It doesn´t appear in the alfresco.log, neither the share.log. It only put the first 20 lines in the catalina.out, but not all the traces that I´m seeing in the ms dos console. Somebody knows what happen?, I don´t understand anything!