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Looking for an Alfresco Consultant

Question asked by sjharford on May 11, 2013
We are a document management company the serves the building industry

We are looking to introduce Alfresco as a standalone product for our customers to categorize and search for archived documents at the end of a project.  We are also looking to use Alfresco as a standalone product for customers to manage and distribute content.  Eventually we would like transition from our internal BuildFLOW software to a complete Alfresco solution. 

We would like to leverage the Explorer or Share interface as much as possible. We have a full time developer that is very good and wants to work on and customize Alfresco.  We are looking for someone that can help us with setup and implementation as quickly as possible.

We have Alfresco installed and have made allot of progress as to what we want to do, but now we need help to move forward. 

I can be reached at  Looking forward to hearing form someone soon.