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No preview for office documents (random behavior)

Question asked by majykoyster on Nov 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by majykoyster
Hi there

I'm an Alfresco newbie, so please excuse me for any stupid question. I swear I searched extensively before posting !

I installed several Alfresco versions in the past weeks, including community 4.2.c, d and e, and enterprise 4.1.6 [edit] now running 4.2.0 enterprise [/edit]. Each time I did it on a freshly installed and updated 64 bits Debian 7.1.

The issue is, with some installations previews of MS Office documents (files from Office 2003 to 1013) work, with others they don't. I follow the exact same procedure each time (see bellow), but get various results. Sometimes previews stop working for no apparent reason, and restarting the service or rebooting doesn't help. [edit] never worked with 4.2.0 enterprise [/edit]

Here's the exhaustive list of the steps of my latest installations :

1 - as recommanded on Jira for that preview issue : apt-get install libice6 libsm6 libxt6 libxrender1 libfontconfig1 libcups2
2 - install Alfresco 4.2.e on fresh 64 bits Debian 7.1 in "easy mode", all default parameters.
3 - reboot (4.2.e only, to deal with the preview bug mentioned in the release note).
4 - login, create site then upload files (xls, doc, pdf, from recent and old versions of MS Office)
5 - "preparing preview" followed by "file cannot be previewed" error

I searched for solutions for quite a long time. Most were about older versions of Alfresco and dealt with openoffice installation, but, unless I'm wrong, recent ones already include it.
I tried several fixes I found on this forum (lately editing as follows : "ooo.enabled=false" and "jodconverter.enabled=true"), with no luck.

The random nature of that issue makes it quite frustrating to me. If that's of any help, I installed Alfresco on two different machines. One on a Proxmox virtual machine with a pretty old host (quite slow), one on a VmWare virtual machine with a very powerful host. Both have at least the required 2Gb of ram.

Most likely I'm missing a basic configuration step, I doubt that's just a common bug…

I attached my latest alfresco.log file. It comes from the 4.1.6 enterprise version, still functioning normally.

Thanks in a advance for any input. I'd gladly give any additional detail needed.