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Unable to retrieve string properties values for incoming email

Question asked by on May 11, 2013
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Im going crazy… i try to write javascript for create folder with same name as the just arrived innound email subject. This is the script:

var id =;
var name =;
var type = companyhome.type;
var noderef = companyhome.nodeRef;
var childList = companyhome.children;
var properties =;
var assocs = companyhome.assocs;

/* //Imposto il documento mail come HTML */

// /* /* //Creo Una directory denominandola esattamente con il nome dell'oggetto della mail */

var newRNCFolderName = new String(["cm:subjectline"].content);
var newRNCFolder = space.createFolder(newRNCFolderName );

I can create the folder withOUT problem if i set a fixed string in crateFolder function. The script is executed in rule/action when document update and NOT in backgroud.
How i can retrieve the "cm:subjectline" string value and pass it to createFolder function.