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Online editing without registry modifications

Question asked by majykoyster on Nov 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by majykoyster
Hi there

I can edit MS Office files online, but to do so I had to modify registry entries (BasicAuthLevel=2) to allow Office to open files from the web, as explained in the help I found on the subject. It's ok for local users, but now I have to make Alfresco accessible to clients. Asking them to execute a .reg file to access documents is a no-no (so says my boss !), so I need to find another way.

I tried to set Tomcat to use SSL, since I think a secured connexion could solve the problem (maybe I'm wrong). Speaking of Tomcat, is the version bundled with Alfresco the "real deal", or is it a modified/truncated/simplified version ? I see lots of dead links on its home page, and since the countless how-to's I tried to use SSL all failed, I begin to wonder.

Thanks in advance for any input !