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Documents with workflows attached should not be viewable

Question asked by xiaoting on Nov 14, 2013
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I have a question on workflow in which I hope to get some advice on. To start off with a bit of context, the business would like to have all documents to sit under one folder and there are documents that are to be revised by users and to be sent out for a workflow approval process. From what I understood from Alfresco, we have to upload the revised document in order for approvers to have a view of it. The issue is as the following:

1. The current unapproved revised document when uploaded will now be visible to other users.
    - Is it possible to hide the unapproved revised document from other users other than the initiator and approvers to view?
    - If not, can we restrict users from downloading the current pending revised version but still able to download the previous versions?
    - Other users are still able to download the previous approved version but not able to view the pending revised version.

Hoping to get some feedback soon. Thanks in advanced!