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Cron job that backups log files

Question asked by luyanda on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2013 by mitpatoliya
How to write a cron job/s that does the following.

1) Backs up /opt/alfresco_xx to /opt/alfresco/backups (mount point)
   Include date and time in description (or date and 1, date and 2)
   Use tar in command to compress folder.
   Run cron job at (12:00) pm and 17:30 pm.
2) Checks for backups older than 2 days, and deletes them.
   Logs - Run Daily at 19:00 :
3) Stop repository
4) Move logs in /opt/alfresco_xx/tomcat/logs, to opt/alfresco/backups/logs
5) checks for log files, in backup folder, older than 3 days and deletes them
6) Start Repository

Please assist me!!