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My tasks always just loading

Question asked by christlegrace on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by jalu
Hi All,

I am totally new to Alfresco and I am encountering a bug in the 'My tasks' dashlet. It is just always shows "Loading…" but when I click the 'Active Tasks' or 'Completed Tasks', the tasks are already loaded. Also, all dashlets below it will not load anymore but those above it will load: I tried customizing my dashboard and placing it above everything and everything didn't load anymore but when I placed it at the last or totally removed it, everything loaded. Also, when I click the 'Active Tasks' drop down, it only shows 'filter.' for all categories (see image). Another bug that I am encountering is that the 'Sites' button on the Menu bar is not clickable if the 'My tasks' dashlet is on the dashboard but is clickable if I remove the dashlet.

I'm using 4.2c on ubuntu 12.04. Thanks.