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Limit query lucene

Question asked by harvey on May 14, 2013
Hi all :)

i installed -> <a href=""> </a>

and i've modified the file queryExecuter.php in folder Examples/QueryExecuter

changing the line:

        $nodes = $session->query($currentStore, $statement);



        $nodes = $session->query($currentStore, '(PARENT:"workspace://SpacesStore/eb710935-3b0c-48c8-87a7-016ec767b02c") -ISCONTAINER:T');


This will list the 'sites' in alfresco, the code is working, but i need give a 'limit' to query 'cause the number of files in each site|directory is long

i think the instruction to limit the query is '[n TO m]' but doesn't work, there's anyway to limit the query?