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How to execute all rules on a scheduled time?

Question asked by sbixsbix on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2013 by nikes
for my app I am trying to avoid the case of document with incomplete filling after upload, in other words when a doc has been uploaded, if the user clicks on "Cancel" on the "Modify Content Properties" without modifying anything, I have a "no-man's land document", which is a big problem for me.
I have tried with a folder rule, which runs when documents in the folder are updated and looks for some null properties but, unfortunately, this one seems to work only if ran on a second time, even if the document results as "updated" on the same time of when it has been uploaded.
So I am would like to try with a Scheduled action which will move these incomplete docs on a specific folder, using the rule I have described above.
From the documentation I have seen that Scheduled Actions need a Query (Lucene/SolR) before to execute something, but I don't need to identify any subject of the action, because the rule works (yes the second time it is ran, but works).
I just need to ExecuteAllRules on a scheduled time.
Is it possible?