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inbound email to admin accessable folder

Question asked by lessrandom on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by lessrandom

i want emails to a site stored in a folder that is writeable to admins and readable to others.

the problem is, when the from-address corresponds to a registered user, his credentials will be taken, and if he is not admin there is an error.

to pin it down my problem is the rule 1 from

rule 1:     If a matching user is found then the current user is the matching alfresco user.
rule 2:    If a matching user is not found, then the current user is set to the "unknownUser" specified by the email.inbound.unknownUser property.

if the from email is not registers everything workd ok, because i map email.inbound.unknownUse to admin

is there an easy way to overrule rule 1 ?
or to store all mails to site X in a Folder Mails, where the users can only read it?

kind regards