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Crash Alfresco Mobile on android

Question asked by djnemo2 on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by djnemo2
Im using 4.2.e with latest Alfresco Mobile on android 4.2.2, i choose some of my documents as favorite to be able to always sync them with server and be able to  modify those file even when im offline.

Now when im offline and trying to modify any of my documents almost doc, docx and xlsx(using Polaris Office) alfresco app crashing!
ALfresco App open office app for me i modify the file when im trying yo return to alfresco alfresco crashs Randomly!! im was not able to find out why some times it crashes why sometime it not!

But when if i modified first file and alfresco not crashing its 100% sure that it will crash when im modified second document and return to alfresco.

On the other hand some times after a disconnection and reconnection when im trying to open files quick office telling me "an error occured on opening this file"

Is there anyway to fix this ? Any patch ? Am i using it in unsupposed conditions ?

Thank you