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Assign aspect using custom rule

Question asked by tophermiller on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by kaynezhang

I'm new to Alfresco.  My experience consists of 1-2 weeks plus the Boston Summit.   I've written some Apache Chemistry code to put my documents into Alfresco and it worked well.   Now I'm looking for some pointers on my next step.

What I want to do is implement a rule that essentially "reads" content whenever it is changed in a certain folder subtree, and then adds aspects and populates aspect properties based on what it sees inside the file.  The files are XML, so I'll use some Java DOM-based parser, and I'll be pulling attributes and elements out into the aspect properties so I can more easily search on them.

I'm quite sure this has been done by someone somewhere.   Any sample code or documentation out there to get me started?

Thanks in advance.