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an error occured on opening this document

Question asked by djnemo2 on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by djnemo2

i already talked about this problem in another post but prefered to make another seperate post for it.
im on a Samsung galaxy tab 2 with android 4.2.2 with latest updated installed with polaris office(4.0 build 4.0.5005.28-FJ03) and alfresco community 4.2.e on server,
everytime im trying to open a favorite file for first time its okay But Next time…
alfresco opening polaris office but Office cannot open the file saying "An error occured while opening document" but when im unfavorite the file and favorite it again i can open and modify it.

But next time i have same problem!!!!

i check this path :
*two favorite file!

i have something like(before any sync and i can open the file in office):
61fc698f-1d08-4084-8c14-2d945fbb9ae8;1.7  —>my xlsx files are inside it and i can open it
6d3cecf1-2b…………………….;1.9  —>my xlsx files are inside it and i can open it

i modified the first file and save it , alfresco sync to server:
Nothing change in folder!!

i tried to reopen te file it creates folder below
61fc698f-1d08-4084-8c14-2d945fbb9ae8;1.8   —>  ** Its Empty!!

*BUT if i remove start(unfavorite the file) and re favorite it it will download the file to
folder then i can open it!

i think i get all details that i see but if you need any more detail let me know,
and i guest thats why office cannot open the file!!

Thanks you