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Alfresco consultant sought

Question asked by tchoupitoulos on May 20, 2013
My organization is implementing Alfresco within our system infrastructure, in support of a number of web app initiatives. We would like to make a number of fairly small scale customizations that will most likely require extending the Alfresco Share web app and/or Forms Engine system. We are having some struggles with this due to lack of local expertise as well as a lack of clear documentation on this type of customization, and project timetables make burrowing into the code base to gain the needed expertise unlikely to succeed in the time given.

We are looking for someone who would be willing to chip in on this. Our expectation is that this would probably be just a few hours of work, to makes these customizations and help our existing staff to ramp up to a level where we're more comfortable developing against the product.

Interested parties can reach out to me, at