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Maven setup for testing custom action in 4.0.e

Question asked by katarinahallberg on May 21, 2013
I am about to implement my first custom Rule Action for Alfresco 4.0.e (community). For this action I would like to write some automated tests.
I am using Maven for my project building the amp file containing the custom action.

At I found an example of a test class extending BaseSpringTest that I think seems to be a good way of testing custom actions.

<li>Is this a recommended approach even for old versions like 4.0.e (community)?</li>

<li>If so, what is the a recommended way setting this up using Maven? As I understand it I will need an Alfresco installation as well as a bunch of configurations files in place on the machine running the tests in addition to the SDK dependencies that can be pulled from the Maven repo?</li>