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Cannot connect to postgresql on server!

Question asked by mustafa on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by bopolissimus
I installed alfresco 4.2.c bundle ona linux64 machine. I want to connect to postgre by pgadmin 3 and manipulate the tables but I cannot. I need help.

IP of the machine which alfresco bundle is installed is, tomcat, postgre and alfresco are running good and healthy =)
My ip is

dbname : alfresco
host :
port:    5432
ssl :
Maintanence db   :  postgres

username : alfresco
password : alfresco
DB restriction :
Service :

I entered these as connection properties, but getting this error

Access to database denied
The server doesn't grant access to the database: the server reports
FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "alfresco", database "postgres", SSL off
To access a database on a PostgreSQL server, you first have to grant primary access to the server for your client (Host Based Authentication). PostgreSQL will check the pg_hba.conf file if a pattern that matches your client address / username / database is present and enabled before any SQL GRANT access control lists are evaluated.
The initial settings in pg_hba.conf are quite restrictive, in order to avoid unwanted security holes caused by unreviewed but mandatory system settings. You'll probably want to add something like
host all all md5
This example grants MD5 encrypted password access to all databases to all users on the private network
You can use the pg_hba.conf editor that is built into pgAdmin III to edit the pg_hba.conf configuration file. After changing pg_hba.conf, you need to trigger a server configuration reload using pg_ctl or by stopping and restarting the server process.

Thanks in advance…