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What happens to existing user accounts, when AD authentication is added later?

Question asked by mbe on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by sasquatch58

we are currently testing Alfresco Community 4.2.0 (4576).

I wonder:

If I create user accounts in Alfresco "by hand" first and then later implement the authentication via Active Directory (LDAP), what will happen to the existing user accounts which were created by hand?

for example:
I have created sites, documents, etc. in Alfrseco with my account "user1".
In the Active Directory however, my user name is "jsmith".

Now, when we implement the AD authentication, I have 2 accounts "user1" and "jsmith".

* Would it be possible to merge the 2 (maybe even automatically by comparing e-mail-adresses or names)?

* What happens, when the same user name exists in AD and in Alfresco already?

Is there a tutorial handling such questions anywhere available?

Thanks a lot and kind regards