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Share: how to have a context to create 'master datas' and 'extended datas' by context

Question asked by hoteia on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by jpotts

I'm a noob on Alfresco and i don't know the whole architecture.

Alfresco Community last one, 4.2.e
Tomcat / MySQL

My goal:
Create some default and specific CMS contents fetch/sync by OpenCMIS for my opensource Ecommerce

Use Case:
The user create some "specific" content in the "repository" for a "context" which is defined by a "market" a "retailer" a "localization.
1) The user create a "default content" for "default market" / "default  retailer" / "default  localization".
2) The user create a "specific content" which override some parts of the "default market" for "specific market" / "specific retailer" / "specific localization".

Final Question:
What is the best way to organize and save contents with master and override values by context ?
Is it possible ?

I don't know if i'm clear :)