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understanding sites.get.js and modifying

Question asked by jaspervlb on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by ddraper

I'm am trying to customize the alfresco header (4.2). First I want to try and modify the dropdown to list all sites the logged in user is a member of. Later on I can then modify the header to be a menu bar with different icons for each site.

Now I understand I have to edit sites.get.js in the header module. I also found this topic on the forum:
but it is outdated. The code has changed already.

Can someone help me understand what happens?
<javascript>   // can optionally pass JSON list of fav sites if they are already known to the caller
   if (args.favsites)
      favourites = eval('(' + args.favsites + ')');
When is this if-loop executed. When will this argument be passed? Is it a GET argument and will I see it in the address bar?

      prefs = eval('(' + preferences.value + ')');

      // Populate the favourites object literal for easy look-up later
      favourites = eval('try{(prefs.' + PREF_FAVOURITE_SITES + ')}catch(e){}');
What does this piece of code do? I can not find explanations in the javascript API's. Am I looking in the wrong place? Where can I find documentation on this prefs object. So I can see how to modify <javascript>const PREF_FAVOURITE_SITES = "org.alfresco.share.sites.favourites";</javascript> to list all sites.

   var connector = remote.connect("alfresco");
   result ="/api/sites/query", jsonUtils.toJSONString(query), "application/json");

Also I could not find documentation on this sites/query possibility. How can I find what queries are possible and how I need to format them.