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Dinamic select in form template control

Question asked by pablog. on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2013 by pablog.
Hi, Is it possible to do next?

I have a pool of documents in a folder; When I start a workflow, I need an input of type "select" that shows all the documents name in that folder:

The form in the share-config-custom.xml is:

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="activiti$miForm">
               <show id="bgwf:myPropertie1" />
               <set id="mySet" apprearance="title" label-id="workflow.set.Info"/>
            <field id="bgwf:startSAPAction" label-id="workflow.field.opSAPAction" set="mySet" >
           <control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/workflow/my-custom-control.ftl" />

And the file my-custom-control.ftl" contains:

<div class="form-field">   
     <label for="${fieldHtmlId}">${field.label?html}:<#if field.mandatory><span class="mandatory-indicator">${msg("form.required.fields.marker")}</span></#if></label>
     <select id="${fieldHtmlId}" name="${}" tabindex="0">
       <#list companyhome.childrenByLuceneSearch["PATH:\"/app:company_home/cm:Folder_test/*\""] as child>
      <option value="${["name"]}">${["name"]}</option>

But when I going to start the workflow, the next exception is through:

2013-11-27 12:59:18,094  ERROR [freemarker.runtime] [http-apr-28080-exec-6] Template processing error: "Expression companyhome is undefined on line 11, column 40 in org/alfresco/components/form/controls/workflow/my-custom-control.ftl."

Expression companyhome is undefined on line 11, column 40 in org/alfresco/components/form/controls/workflow/my-custom-control.ftl.

If companyhome is an root object and I can use this code in a WebScript, why can't use this way in the control template?

Thank you for your help!