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How I did alfresco-buisness reporitng

Question asked by bisana on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2013 by yuhuayang
After repeated trial and try I am now able to install ABR (Alfresco Business Reporting). The installation instruction given in the
<url> </url>
<url> </url>
are good and should be must refered, but it misses the point of where to keep the jar file "alfresco-business-reporting-share-". Now since I know how and where I did keep the jar and amp installation, I thought I will post it so that new comers like me can benift

This is done for alfresco 4.2.c (which has java 7)
(a) Install AMP

java -jar /opt/alfresco/bin/alfresco-mmt.jar install /home/urname/Downloads/ABR/alfresco-business-reporting-explorer-  /opt/alfresco/tomcat/webapps/share.war -verbose

(b) copy the the jar file ie "alfresco-business-reporting-share-"  to
  <b> /opt/alfresco/tomcat/shared/lib/ </b>

© create DB as given instruction in <url></url>
(d) For Alfresco CE 4.2.c , create  alfresco.xml  in "/opt/alfresco/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/" with the following lines

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <Resource name="jdbc/alfrescoReporting" auth="Container"    defaultTransactionIsolation="-1" defaultAutoCommit="false"     maxActive="15" maxIdle="3" initialSize="1"
    username="alfresco" password="alfresco"  url="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/alfrescoreporting"  driverClassName=""   type="javax.sql.DataSource" />

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