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Semantics engine

Question asked by tytanix on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2013 by yogeshpj
Hello, searching in the web, i've found Zaizi Alfresco ECM - FISE Semantic Engine (

For the installation, seems like i have to install FISE on my server and then apply a launcher jar. I've looked in the web for FISE and i've found that this projects was moved into Apache Stanbol project. Actually, i can't understand how to use Zaizi amps with standbol beacause of lack of documentation.
On IKS site there is no download or install guide for FISE so i've figured out that i should install Apache Stanbol.
But all this stuff are  not very clear to me.

So is there any one that could explain me how to proceed to make my alfresco able to use the amps given by Zaizi?

Or if is there something else that works like Zaizi's application?

Thank you very much!