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Notification Sending after completing  Workflow

Question asked by deba on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2013 by deba
Hi , I am using Alfresco in my Project. In my project we have 8 languages and for 8 languages we configured  8 languages user groups. Like English , Spanish , Italian , French etc. We considered English language as a base language. So my requirement is like if I start a workflow for English content  then on completion of workflow I just want to send the notification to all other 7 languages user groups. But I am unable to proceed for send notification. I tried to send to notification as how Email notification has been sending. But for that we need smtp server configuration. So that we didnt go to this approach. Could you please help how to send a simple notification to other user groups. What all java or configuration is needed ? any suggestions will be valuable for me. Thanks in advance .