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Getting document URL and from it...the documents

Question asked by pavan on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by harvey
Hello All,

    I am really new to Alfresco. We need to integrate a PLM product with Alfresco. My requirement drives me to get the file associated with the URL/hyperlink during drag/drop onto our PLM.

    I have few questions in this regard:

    1. If I have few files in a repository, and if I hover over them, I could see the target link [ HREF of anchor tag ] as


     Now, if I click one particualr document, I could see something like this in the URL box of the browser.


       So my question is this. What needs to be done to get the proper URL of a file during hover/drag. Javascript drag event?

    2. If I do get a URL of the document appropriately, how do I get the actual file?. Are there any specific APIs provided by Alfresco?.

    3. Finally, in the event that I do not get the URL correctly, is there any way to get a unique id of the file that I am dragging?.

    Requesting you to share any information on this stuff.