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Freemarker Access Is Denied Exception

Question asked by lista on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 25, 2013 by zladuric
I'm talking about a Java backed web script that finds a node, and using Freemarker as a template outputs its properties in a JSON format. Now, even though I have permissions on a node (I've added them through Explorer, I can view it, edit it, you name it - so there's no room for error here), I still get the Access is Denied exception.

Here's the code responsible.

<#list as p>
<#assign propNode=currNode>

<#if[p]?exists && p?index_of("{}content") == 0 >      
<#elseif[p]?exists && p?index_of("{}") == 0 >      
   ,"${msg(p?replace("{}", "cm:"))}"        
   <#include "/com/itsistemi/more/scripts/general/convertPropTypesJSON.ftl">       

Included code simply find out if a property is boolean, string, etc, so no funny business there.
Has anyone encountered something like this, suggestions, help?