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Use categories for more than one property

Question asked by katarinahallberg on Nov 29, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2013 by govinda
we are running Alfresco 4.0.e Community, Share.

We use Alfresco as a content management system for a website, documents are added and then their property values are pushed to another database used by the website.

We are currently using categories to classify our documents. They can belong to zero or many of categories like Film, Music, Gaming, Sports etc.

We now want to add a new type of classification.


Our current category tree looks like this:

  <li>Category Root</li>
    <li>Custom Categories</li>
    <li>Tags (no children and not used for anything currently)</li>

In our content model the <i>cm:generalclassifiable</i> is a mandatory aspect of the content type and in the edit form the user can pick one or many of the categories above in the categories select dialog. The dialog displays the complete tree excluding the <i>Category Root</i>.

To add our new type of classification we thought we could add the new classification categories under the <i>Tags</i> category. Since this category is not currently used for anything (don't know why it is there right now at all).

And then do one of the following (preferably the first):

1. Add a new property (possibly via an aspect) to our content model which also gives the possibility to select among the categories. Make the select dialog for this new property only see the <i>Tags</i> tree. And the current <i>Categories</i> property only see the <i>Custom Categories</i> tree. <b>Is this possible to achieve?</b>

2. If the first option is not possible (or hard to implement) the other option would be to keep the current Categories property as it is, including still letting the users pick any category from the entire tree. Then when pushing the document property values to the website database "split" the tags by checking which parent they belong to. <b>Is this a possible solution?</b>

Any advice on how to solve this would be appreciated. One of the above "solutions" or should/could it be done in a different way?

We have also been looking at Tags (cm:taggable) for this, but we want the "tag"-names to be administered by an admin user, not by the regular users editing document so this does not seem to be an option (?)

Katarina Hallberg