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playing mp4 videos stored in alfresco on a mobile device

Question asked by boneill on May 27, 2013
Hi Guys,

We have a website that has links to mp4 videos stored in Alfresco.  We find that from a desktop browser (safari) we can view the videos using either a url to the alfesco webdav path or via a cmis content rest call. 

However, if we try to view the videos using a browser running on a mobile device, iOs or android, the videos do not play and there is an IO error in Alfresco logs.  It looks like the alfresco does not support streaming to a mobile device for mp4s.

Note:  I understand you can do this if you use the Alfresco mobile apps but this content is linked to from our website so it is not practical to ask a user to install the app whenever they want to watch an mp4 video that is in our central repository.

It looks like its a bug specifically in Alfresco.  Is there any reason why mp4 should behave differently when viewed from a browser on a mobile device versus a desktop.