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Question asked by kevinyeandel on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by mitpatoliya

New to Alfresco but wanted to ask how best to approach this issue. I've got manual ways to do it but was curious how you would code this.

I have a folder structure in Alfresco with a few dozen MS Office documents (Templates) to be used as the basis for 'projects'. The challenges include
1. for each new project to duplicate this entire structure into a project folder.
2. Convert each to ODF as part of the project creation.
3. Customise each document with project metadata (inside the ODF docs).

Excluding the fact that I could convert the Office docs to ODF externally and make a new template folder and pretty much do all of it with CMIS/external tools, what sort of approaches/facilities from the Alfresco side could I consider?

Please excuse my naivety, I got 18 years Documentum experience and about 2 weeks of Alfresco so far (totally impressed with Alfresco! also if there is a preferred forum to post this sort of thing then apologies and please direct me!).

Many thanks