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Alfresco 4.2.e Community Share Calendar Recurring Events

Question asked by dancoe77 on Dec 3, 2013
I'm currently running Alfresco 4.2.e Community Edition on CentOS 6.5.  Whenever a user tries to create an event on the Share Calendar for any site there is no option for recurrence.  I googled and I searched the forums for this and saw back in 2008 to 2010 the issue had been raised about putting the option into the Share calendar.  I did also see where people got around the issue by creating the recurring event in Outlook and then having it synchronize with Alfresco.  I can go this route but before going down the path I wanted to make sure that the feature has not been added and I just need to "flip a switch" in the config files that will enable this in the calendar.  A couple of weeks ago I was going through the config files to get the calendar start day to be Sunday instead of Monday and did not see the "switch" that would enable this but I may have been looking in the wrong place.  I saw in Jira issue MNT-8169 where the feature could be implemented but I'm not sure if it is in 4.2.e Community Edition.  I guess my obvious question is whether this has been implemented so it can be done natively without the use of the SharePoint Module and if so what configuration changes do I need to make?  I have no issue going the SharePoint route I was just hoping it could be done natively.