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node metadata is reverting on restart,

Question asked by supratim on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by supratim
Hi all,
I am using following webscript to make change to metadata of a node..


here is the full code…

function main() {
  var noteid=args.nid;

  var textx=args.ncont;

  var notenode=getFileNoteById(noteid);['cmc:fileNoteDesc']=textx;;  

  model.msg = "Updated   #"+noteid;

function getFileNoteById(fileNoteId)
   var searchResult = new Array();

   var qry="";
   qry+=" AND @cmc\\:fileNoteId:"+fileNoteId;

   var sNode = search.luceneSearch(qry);
   if(sNode[0] !=null)
      return   sNode[0];   
           return null;



Change is reflected in alfresco until restart.
Once restarted node has the old value in metadata.
Please help!