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Aspect & properties missing ?

Question asked by jiri.billig on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by jiri.billig

If I upload on Alfresco new document, I suppose that it is implicitly cm:content. From contentModel.xml definition I know that structure of cm:content is following:

cm:content extends cm:cmobject has cm:content
cm:cmobject extends sys:base has cm:name, cm:auditable
sys:base has sys:referenceable, sys:localized

So every uploaded document show have auditable aspect according definition above. But, If I click on Manage Aspects link on document detail view it looks like no aspects are assigned. Why is that ?

AND another thing is where, for instance, title and description properties are stored ? Those have every content, but not exists in schema above (those are in cm:titled, but cm:titled is not in schema above, hmmm).