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How manage permissions in dropbox synchronization or other off-line working tools?

Question asked by stefanoder on May 29, 2013

I'm dealing with alfresco just since few weeks and I'm wondering on what is the best way to work off-line.

We are starting to use alfresco to share enterprise documentation with several users with different permissions.

My idea is to synchronize dropbox folders to allow users to work off-line, maybe with their mobile, or just share contents they already have on their own dropbox folder.

I'm wondering on how I can manage permissions, I mean, on dropbox I can only define shared folders and anyone who has access to shared folder automatically has complete access to all child folders.
So to reproduce the alfresco share situation with several folders with different permissions the only possibility that came up to my mind is to create shared folder for every permission combination. Obviously it doesn't make sense if I have more than two or three users.

Does anybody deal with this?

I would also appreciate any other suggestion on working off-line.