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CMIS query always returns error 04294...

Question asked by mr.t on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by mr.t

I have recently started working on Alfresco using CMIS connection from our application. I'm curretnly trying to get session.query() method work but even a simple query such as "SELECT * FROM cmis:document" is not working. I always ends up with an error/exception with a number starting with 0429412xx. The last  two digits of the error value increased on exvery error at least but I have no clue what the error is indicating at this point.
The session I created is working and I can get objects using such as getObject() or getObjectByPath().
The same process works on other repository such as SharePoint.
When I obtain the repository capablities information on Alfresco through the CMIS client API method, the query capablity indicates "bothcombined."
If anyone can shed a light on this issue, I truly appreciate it.

My current environment is as follows:
Alfresco v4.0.0 (800) schema 5025
Chemistry OpenCMIS Client v0.8.0

Thank you for your help in advance.