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Bootstrapping populated user groups

Question asked by scitrx on Jun 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by meiko

I tried to bootstrap a site. Unfortunately I had quite some issues with providing the required groups for the site. I found this <a href="">link</a> which was quite useful so far. Nevertheless, I couldn't manage to bootstrap the admin user into a group I created. I tried the following:

            <cm:authorityContainer view:childName="cm:GROUP_site_my-site_SiteManager">
                     <view:reference view:pathref="/sys:system/sys:people/cm:admin" view:childName="cm:admin" />
                  <sys:referenceable />

I try the same approach to create sub-groups. The weird thing is, when I browse the group (More -> Groups) I can see all of my created groups, even the one above populated with the admin user. But the properties I define (here: cm:authorityName) are not created, which causes an exception in the NodeBrowser as well as the Repository view (of the header).

Any help will be apprececiated.

Many thanks,