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Alfresco Script and long running transactions

Question asked by eureka on Dec 9, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2013 by rjohnson
Hi all,

I've tried to search for this topic with no luck (I admit I was not so sure what to look for).

So here is my issue: I've to "adjust" a set of nodes (fixing some properties and move to a different path).

I usually do this with a simple javascript script that uses a lucene query to get the list of nodes and apply the logic I need to apply.

In this case the set of nodes overcome the limit of lucene search, so I've managed to get a csv of uuid from alfresco db. I've developed a script that splits the csv content line by line and apply the logic to each node.

The issue is that if the csv is small (100 lines or so) the script end and everything seem fine; if the csv is big (10000 lines or so) the script seems to end (I can see from the log I added) but it kinda has no effect, like it has not committed any changes.

Do you have any idea on the possible reasons of such a behaviour?

Do you any advice on a different way to implement such a script?

Thanks in advance,