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Cannot figure out the correct url!

Question asked by adambushell on Jun 4, 2013
  Im a new user to alfreso, have recently singed up to my.alfresco and have access via the web dashboard to upload items via the web interface to specific site repositorys. My question is that i have recently installed a wordpress plugin and want to use this to upload directly to the repository that is now setup on the cloud but cant for the life of me figure out the following params i need to polulate within its settings to make it work:

CMIS URL - (It suggests:

Document Folder - (It suggests: path/to/your/docs)

Cmis user + cmis password - (Im assuming this is what i use to login to

Repositroy Url - (ive tried my own version of:

I know these are very simple questions but all the documentation i can find out there points towards people who have alfresco setup on their own servers and not for people using there alfreso installation on the cloud.
Thank you